10 Things You MUST DO after Installing Manjaro Linux

10 Things You MUST DO after Installing Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux 20.1 updates, security, back-ups, drive mounting, and more! Manjaro is great for someone getting into Linux and in this video we focus on non-Terminal based solutions and add some key steps.

*If you’re not sure what an Orphine is please look it up before removal.

  1. Scan Mirrors
  2. Update Your System
  3. Enable the AUR
  4. Microsoft Fonts
  5. Remove Orphines
  6. Enable Auto-mounting
  7. Enable Firewall
  8. Setup Backups
  9. Configure System
  10. MUST HAVE Software

Important Information on Auto-Mounting Drives: The application I demonstrated was gnome-disks-utilities If you’re in KDE you can search for ‘Removable Devices’. Just open that up and check the ‘Enable automatic mounting…’ option.

Top 10 Linux Apps – Truly Essential Software! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeVJydgFKWo

Linux Applications for Content Creators https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgVjZq-tR8A

Backing Up with Timeshift https://youtu.be/QE0lyWodWdU

Auto-mounting Drives with FSTAB https://youtu.be/LkwZZIsY9uE


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