About TechHut

TechHut was founded as a hobby project while I was in a freshman High School. The early days of TechHut focused on Minecraft Server plugins and simple technology based tutorials. After a long hiatus TechHut was relaunched with a regained focus for general technology and a love for Linux and Free and Open Source Software.

In Feduary of 2021 I left my full time job with a goal to grow the TechHut YouTube channel and web platforms to be one of the leading sources for Technoligy content. We have long way to go to reach this goal, but with the help and support of the community it is becoming possible.

I want to make content that helps people get invloved and progress in apsects of the technoligy space. From simple guides like creating .zip files in Windows to advanced SysAdmin configuration on Linux servers. - Brandon Hopkins

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Currently TechHut is a Washington State registered media company.