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I'm a casual gamer, tech enthusiast, hardware novice, and overall geek. Here is a place I can express that. The best way to learn new skills is to study to teach. Some of the topics I will continue to discuss involve Benchmarking, Linux, FOSS, and much more!

During 2020 my content has heavily leaned into the free and opensource software communities. TechHut started off as a Minecraft channel nearly 10 years ago. I primarily focused on Bukkit plugins and tech tutorials. After a long 5 year break TechHut relaunced in earily 2020.

About Brandon

I was raised in a small town called Yacolt located in Washington in the United States. I have lived in Washington State all my life. I'm a off and on college student and I currently work full time for the United States Postal Service. Some of my hobbies (other than computer related stuff) include fish keeping, pipe tabacco, and firearms.

I have been active on YouTube since I was in middle school. My first YouTube account was called Xbox360Mods101. This account focused on glitches in Call of Duty World at War and other mods. This account was later banned for a tutorial I created showing people how to make their avatars blue, purple, whatever. Apparently Microsft doesn't like it when you should people how to upload code into their servers. My next verture was called ComputerJunkies, this account was later banned for showing how to installed cracked and pirated software. After actually spending some time and reading the terms of service (and actually being old enough to have a account) I created TechHut.