Mobile Browser Speed Test: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Samsung, and more! | iPhone and Android

Mobile webbrowser battle! I benchmark and run speed tests on the most popular web browsers on the market. We look at Chome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Samsung, and much more!

JavaScript Champ: Chrome and Edge Graphics Beast: Opera Touch and Duck Duck Go Overall Winner: Opera Touch

“Kraken is a JavaScript performance benchmark created by Mozilla that measures the speed of several different test cases extracted from real-world applications and libraries.”

Kraken Andriod iPhone
Chrome 2239.3ms 661.4ms
Edge 2074.3ms 663.2ms
Firefox 2483.2ms 667.8ms
Opera Touch 2134.5ms 671.3ms
Brave 2276.2ms 668.1ms
Duck Duck Go 2149.0ms 671.6ms
Samsung 2185.9ms n/a
Safari n/a 653.1ms

“JetStream 2 is a JavaScript and WebAssembly benchmark suite focused on the most advanced web applications. It rewards browsers that start up quickly, execute code quickly, and run smoothly.”

JetStream2 Andriod iPhone
Chrome 72.825 142.028
Edge 67.652 137.921
Firefox failed 141.648
Opera Touch 69.073 138.077
Brave 68.243 139.059
Duck Duck Go 67.303 139.299
Samsung 66.301 n/a
Safari n/a 136.530

“ARES-6 measures the execution time of JavaScript’s newest features, including symbols, for-of, arrow functions, Map/Set/WeakMap, let/const, classes, proxies, string interpolation, destructuring, default arguments, spread, tail calls, and generators.”

ARES-6 Andriod iPhone
Chrome 37.81ms 19.84ms
Edge 36.74ms failed
Firefox 89.28ms 19.68ms
Opera Touch 39.48ms 20.40ms
Brave 38.46ms failed
Duck Duck Go 45.00ms 20.80ms
Samsung 38.67ms n/a
Safari n/a 19.95ms

“MotionMark is a graphics benchmark that measures a browser’s capability to animate complex scenes at a target frame rate.”

Motion Mark Andriod iPhone
Chrome 166.45 541.46
Edge 176.71 689.46
Firefox 99.53 739.14
Opera Touch 269.87 715.90
Brave 171.61 720.45
Duck Duck Go 268.74 841.12
Samsung 200.03 n/a
Safari n/a 542.38

” Speedometer is a browser benchmark that measures the responsiveness of Web applications. It uses demo web applications to simulate user actions such as adding to-do items. ”

Speedometer Andriod iPhone
Chrome 62.7 117
Edge 47.4 113
Firefox 35.8 119
Opera Touch 64.1 125
Brave 56.5 116
Duck Duck Go 64.1 126
Samsung 60.6 n/a
Safari n/a 127

“Basemark Web 3.0 is a comprehensive web browser performance benchmark that tests how well your mobile or desktop system can use web based applications. This benchmark includes various system and graphic tests that use the web recommendations and features.”

Basemark Andriod iPhone
Chrome 378.31 514.16
Edge 379.97 530.49
Firefox 303.92 473.69
Opera Touch 438.02 556.00
Brave 355.72 528.55
Duck Duck Go 423.26 534.69
Samsung 412.28 n/a
Safari n/a 541.84

*iPhone Basemark Web test unable to run WebGL 2.0 test.

“WebXPRT 3 is a browser benchmark that compares the performance of almost any web-enabled device. It contains six HTML5- and JavaScript-based scenarios created to mirror the tasks you do every day: Photo Enhancement, Organize Album Using AI, Stock Option Pricing, Encrypt Notes and OCR Scan, Sales Graphs, and Online Homework. Use WebXPRT to see exactly how well different devices handle real-world tasks.”

WebXPRT 3 Andriod iPhone
Chrome 93 126
Edge 98 128
Firefox 105 126
Opera Touch 98 126
Brave 88 126
Duck Duck Go 98 125
Samsung 91 n/a
Safari n/a 126
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