How to Backup all Photos for FREE – Google vs. Amazon Photos

How to Backup all Photos for FREE – Google vs. Amazon Photos

Google Photos compared to Amazon Photos. In this video, we detail what service is better for what user. Important feature differences. Detailed price comparison for upgrades. Why you should probably use both!

There is no debate that, as a culture, we take an ungodly amount of pictures without cell phones. Even with the average local storage being 64gb we often find ourselves running out of space. iCloud is an option; however, it comes at a price. You’ve gotten those pop-ups within the iOS interface saying “iCloud Storage Full!” thus prompting you to throw away an extra couple bucks to get rid of that annoying reminder. If you’re already deep within the Apple Interface it might be worth the price. If you’re anything like me (cheap) this is not an option. There are plenty of services that offer unlimited images or much larger storage capacity are no cost. Many people give in and default to iCloud because it is included within the Apple interface. I’ve completely disabled iCloud backups on my phone and use alternative services that we will discuss further in this article.

All the services below will have the function of automatically backing up photos from your gallery!

First I must mention, if you have not been on the internet as long as I have, I highly recommend you look into the history of MegaUpload and its founder Kim Dotcom. Check out this video from Vice. With that said I’d highly recommend this service if keeping the original file with no compression added after the upload. Most services offer 3-15gb for free while mega beats them all out!

Check them out here:

Everyone should be utilizing Google Photos. With unlimited “high quality” photo uploads these services are a great secondary backup service to whatever your primary my be. If you’re not worried about have the sharpest original file backups this is perfect. I have almost all my content backed up to local storage but this is great to make sure old photos and memories are not lost. They also have a Time-hop feature where you look back on days and go down memory lane. It organizes items by location, time, and a few other ways. Just search Google Photos in your app store.

If you’re a Prime member it does not make sense to not utilize this service. Just like with Google Photos you can upload an unlimited amount of photos. The main difference that makes this better than Google Photos is the photos are uploaded at full quality in the original formats. The only real con is that videos do take up storage space. By default you will have 5gb of storage for videos for free. Watch the video below for a comparison of the two services.

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