How to Flash Linux on the PinePhone

We will go over how to flash distributions on a PinePhone. You can easily flash Manjaro, Arch, Ubuntu Touch, Mobian, and any other ARM distribution available on the wiki linked below.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Installing a new distribution on your Pinephone is as easy as flashing an ISO to the internal storage,

  1. Download the Jumpdrive image. Visit this page and grab the latest version of Jumpdrive.
  2. Flash the Jumpdrive image to an SD card. Using a burning tool such as Etcher, plug in the SD card to your computer. You may need a converter or a special USB to connect the card. Burn the .img.
  3. Boot from the SD card. Put the card in your phone, and when you reboot, you should see a static Jumpdrive screen.
  4. Connect the PinePhone to your computer via USB. Plug your phone into the computer via USB.
  5. Flash the exposed (mounted) PinePhone drive with a chosen OS image as you’d flash any SD card. Jumpdrive will allow your computer to recognize the internal storage as a drive. Use Etch to burn your distro of choice to your phone.
  6. Disconnect the PinePhone from your PC, power it down, and remove the Jumpdrive SD card. After you remove the SD card and reboot, you will be able to access your new system.

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