As TechHut media grows I am looking for individuals who can use their talent and experiences to help spread the love of technology. As of now TechHut is individually owned and operated and this is a small business, with room to expand in the future. Because of this I can only offer work on an project by project basis. If you feel that you can add value and help TechHut as an organization grow feel free to reach out. Below are the type of people we are actively looking for.


As a writer you can help in a number of ways. Ideas and brainstorming, scripting, proofreading, and creating engaging articles. Of these the most important is scripting for videos. Writing organic and natural video scripts that fit the general flow of our videos is a fundamental part to our content creation process. A basic understanding and love for free and open source software is preferred. If you have knowledge of Linux server applications and cloud hosting this should be noted.

Starting Pay: $0.05-$0.20/word depending on experience.

Video Editor [FILLED]

You will help with the first stage of the video editing process. This includes basic cuts and rendering of media files. Generally this consists of a separate A Roll shot and screen recording. As a level one video editor you will sync these two video files, group them, and cut out any pauses or mistakes. Creating one static smooth flowing video. This will be rendered as two separate clips and sent over for the next process in editing. Videos are generally 20min of raw footage and cut down to 8-12min. This end up being approximately 30min of work per video.


Pay is up for negotiation. As stated above to start out you will be paid as an independent contractor. Pay is based depending on experience.


If any of this sounds interesting to you please reach out with any questions. Samples of other projects and work is incredibly helpful. Below is my email. Make sure you include some basic information about yourself and your pay requirements. Depending on the amount of inquires I may conduct interviews.

Note: Please include ‘WRITER’ or ‘EDITOR’ in the subject line.

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