TechHut Minecraft Server (Alpha)

Welcome to the TechHut Minecraft server information page. This server is currently in the early stages of development and we’re still working on the long term ideas an plans for the server. Overall our goal is to create a place where people within the TechHut community can have positive gaming experiences. During these early stages we may changes rules, add and remove plugins, and more. Continue reading to learn about protection policies and more.


The main spawn island is currently a no-build zone, but lots on spawn may come available to select community members. This is tbd. Any area within1000 block of spawn can be requested for protection from a moderator. This may be replaced with a protection plugin in the near future. Any location that has coordinates exceeding 1000/-1000 is not eligible for protection and PvP and greifing is allowed. Please refer to rules in game for more information.