Marketing with TechHut

TechHut Media is committed to delivering fun, engaging, and consumer-centric social media and video marketing solutions. We offer a wide variety of sponsorship options that will fit the marketing need of your organization. Scroll down for all the information you will need.

Basic Requirements

TechHut Media is always open to sponsorships and partners if there is a benefit for all parties involved. With this said the most important party in any agreement is the viewer. If there isn’t a inherent benefit to the viewer there will be no agreement. Below I will list some important notes that a possible advertiser or media partner should keep note of.

  • We have strong leaning and preference to Linux and free and open-source software. Free and open source is not necessary, but a Linux version of any software advertised is strongly preferred.
  • Data collection policies must be open and transparent. Any unusual wording or sharing customer data with 3rd parties likely result in declining of partnership.

TechHut Statistics

TechHut brings detailed guides, tutorials, tips-and-tricks! I’m a casual gamer, tech enthusiast, hardware novice, open source advocate, and overall geek.




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Review Units and Policy

I accept review units and products sent to the address here. Please make sure to email before sending something as I cant cover everything. For higher value items I am willing to sign a item loan agreement as long as I have 30 days to test the product. If I’m required to send a item back I will need an return label or postage.

TechHut Media
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"Linode's partnership with TechHut Media for the last 2 years has been a winning part of our marketing strategy. We naturally fit in with the kind of technology his audience is interested in, and Brandon regularly comes forward with great ideas for both integrated and dedicated placements that feature our brand in exciting new ways. TechHut is one of the few channels we sponsor that feels more like an extension of our marketing efforts and messaging rather than just a simple sponsored mention for hire."

Advertising Services

This is a summary of the advertising services offered on the TechHut YouTube channel. Sponsors and partners undergo investigation and testing to ensure that the basic requirements listed above are met. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Sponsor segments are the most common form of advertising on the TechHut channel. These sponsor segments are typically 30-60 second advertisements within the first 3 minutes of a video. Prices range depending on duration, location in content, and length of agreement. Seem some examples below.

Linux on an EXPENSIVE Gaming Laptop ft. Pop!_OS was sponsored by Fabulous


This form of advertisement is when a product or service is used in a video to complete a task. This is similar to a sponsor segment as there will still be an opportunity for product highlighting and bringing up marketing talking points; however, these videos generally blend well with the content. See example below.

DITCH Microsoft/Google with Nextcloud AIO! was sponsored by Linode

These are less common, but there are situations that this could be a great option. For example, if you're looking for a complete walk-though of a product or service, highlight major software updates, or if you have hardware that needs a sponsored unboxing/demonstration. We will not agree to a "sponsored review" were we're required to give specific opinions or recommendations. We also hold the right to back out of any deal if a product or service doesn't meet strict quality standards.

The BEST Linux Office Suite just got better*was sponsored by OnlyOffice

*Please note, as for the title of this video, I held this opinion before any contact with OnlyOffice.

We also offer placement whether that me description links, pinned comments, on-screen graphics, products in shot/backgrounds, and quick sponsored by segments at the end of videos. These are usually reserved for long-term partnership agreements.

Below are current partners. If you are a direct competitor with one of these organizations I am not able to proceed with any agreements.