Configure Multi-Monitors on the i3 Window Manager + Stacked Displays

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As a new i3 user it took me a while to figure out how to configure stacking displays within my i3 configuration file. Checkout this video to see how you can use 'arandr' to generate the command you need to input into your i3 configuration file.

1. Install and open arandr. 2. Setup your displays using the GUI tool. 3. Save the layout as a script. 4. Open the script in your text editor of choice. 5. Copy the command and paste it after the other commands starting with 'ecex --no-startup-id' under your screen settings. I'd recommend adding it add'ecex --no-startup-id' before your new command and make sure to note (#) out the old active command. 6. Save and reload your i3 config.