Business Solutions

Tutorial Production Services

We provide a full range of video demonstration and tutorial production services for custom, commercial, and consumer software applications. This helps save your business on costly in-person training or live tech support repeating answers to the same recurring questions. With video tutorials, your employees and customers can learn software at their pace and at a time that works for them. 

Consumer Product Demonstrations

Providing video demonstrations of product use, setup, and/or installation is a great way to build positive customer relations and provide better customer experience the product. Whether if you’re an Amazon seller, wholesale supplier, or start-up we have a solution for you. Product demonstrations can be a simple guide to a marketing focused video that can be utilized in advertisements.

For successful sellers it is pivotal to have beautiful and authentic content display to showcase your product in a way that is going to spark the viewers’ attention to bring the most sales traffic to your product. With my years or experience and creativity, and your ideas and awesome product, we can do just that!

Social Media Management and Consultation

Social media management and consumer engagement is a key component to any successful business. First, we will learn every aspect of your business and figure out the platforms and strategies that will work best to help you meet your goals. We can help you build your brand on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. We can help you plan posts, promote sales, and create a community around your product.

I've worked with TechHut Media for over 2 years now in producing content for the Linode YouTube channel. Brandon has been integral to the success and growth of the channel. He has created some of our highest quality and engaging content. Brandon is extremely knowledgeable in video production, easy to work with, has never missed a deadline, and can produce consistent reliable results without requiring too much direction.

If you’re interested in having content published on the TechHut YouTube channel, please visit our partner page.