Here are the awesome folks that make TechHut great!

Brandon Hopkins


Homelab addict and computer junkie. My job is my hobby.

Jennifer Hopkins


Mother, teacher, and organizational extraordinaire.

Cameron Knauff


Linux systems developer, writer, and video editor.

Niccolo Venerandi


Mathematics student, KDE developer, and chess player.

Scott Yeager


Geek and Linux enthusiast. Loves music and nature.

Your Name?

Learn about doing work for TechHut Media below. Always looking for writers and editors. Having experience in Linux, Homelabbing, and a passion for technology is required!

As TechHut Media grows I am looking for individuals who can use their talent and experiences to help spread the love of technology. As of now TechHut is individually owned and operated and this is a small business, with room to expand in the future. Because of this I can only offer work a limited part time basis. If you feel that you can add value and help TechHut as an organization grow, feel free to reach out.

Needed: Production Assistant

As a Production Assistant with TechHut Media, your job will be to help in all aspects of producing online video and written content. One of the most important aspects will be to producing well-written, thoroughly researched, fun, and factual scripts. This is in addition to helping in other production steps including; filming, editing, and other post-production activities. This position is new so there may be growing pains as we grow from a one man show to a team effort. Depending on your specific skill sets you may be hired as a writer, editor, and/or graphic designer.

Note: This is part-time contract work to start.


  • Well-versed in Linux and general technology concepts and ideas
  • Capable of researching topics for videos
  • Capable of regularly writing scripts and planning shots
  • Understanding of OBS Studio and general screen recording practices
  • Work well as part of a team within a hybrid environment
  • Able to read, comprehend, and translate technical documentation into more natural sounding scripts, keeping jargon to a minimum
  • Basic understanding of videography and able to operate a camera
  • Basic video editing (cutting, adding b-roll)

Preferred, but not required

  • Familiarity with Linux distributions, open-source software, ARM single board computers, networking and cloud computing
  • Advanced video editing (keyframes, color correction, audio editing, animation)
  • Graphic design (Photoshop/GIMP)
  • Comfortable with presenting your own scripts on camera
  • Knowledge of marketing and standard business practices
  • Live within driving distance of Vancouver, WA

Pay: This is dependent on your experience and how you’d like to be paid, whether that be hourly or based on word count. Just let us know what you’re looking for.

Email resume and past work to