The EU is still trying to dismantle end-to-end encryption

I have covered the proposed Chat Control legislation many times here. The end goal is to scan for child abuse messages in all messaging applications, even before the messages are encrypted. Though the proposal claims to preserve end-to-end encryption, many – such as Signal president Meredith Whittaker – have instead claimed that the proposal “fundamentally undermines encryption”. The EFF, the Center for Democracy & Technology, and Mozilla have signed a joint statement with similar claims. The legislation had failed to pass last year, but there have been recent attempts

One of the most active European Parliament Members opposing this new proposed legislation is Patrick Breyer, though he was not re-elected in the last elections. His party, the Pirate Party, warned about the risks of such legislation. The vote was supposed to happen last week but was postponed due to a lack of support. Hungary is now trying to find an agreement to pass the law.

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