Fedora 40, COSMIC Pre-Alpha, Windows 11 ads, new Linux Tablets, and more!

Fedora Workstation 40 has been released I’m always in an awkward spot when talking about new versions of distributions; usually, the user-exciting part is done in the desktop environment, and as a result, the changelog looks like a “let’s remind everyone what the new GNOME version includes”. Fedora 40 does have GNOME 46 out of … Read more

The Biggest Security Attack on Linux, Kubuntu New Logo, and more!

We Were Extremely Close to a Linux Disaster Imagine if all Linux desktops and servers based on Debian, Ubuntu, or Fedora were compromised and thus remotely accessible by an organized malicious developer group, most likely linked to a foreign intelligence. Scary. Well, it almost happened! A backdoor was recently added to the xz project, used … Read more

GNOME 46 Released, KDE Global Themes Drama, First Looks at COSMIC, and more!

GNOME 46 Released! This version is codenamed “Kathmandu”, the Capital city of Nepal. What’s new? Firstly, there’s a new global search function within the Files applications. You enter a query and see all matches from the “configured search locations”, meaning that the exact folders to search in will be customizable. This will also search within … Read more

COSMIC DE Almost Ready, Signal Usernames, Firefox 123, and more!

System76’s COSMIC DE almost ready! Good news: COSMIC is getting closer and closer to an alpha version. There’s even discussion within the Fedora community around creating a new Fedora SIG based on this desktop, through Fedora Atomic Desktop images; even better, this project would probably contribute to upstream COSMIC as well. While we wait for … Read more

GNU to Power Online Payments, Framework Laptop 16 Reviews, and more!

GNU Project to support private and secure online payments Did you know that GNU has a microtransaction and electronic payment system? It’s called “GNU Taler”, and it’s developed by Luxembourg-based company Taler (along with the GNU community). The project provides the ability to pay anonymously, but the payees are always identified; these are the words … Read more