Linux Bug Could BREAK Displays, Steam Deck Oopsie, and more!

Machines running an Intel GPU could face damages due to a Linux kernel bug, Valve accidentally shows something they shouldn’t have, new Xbox Streaming device, and more in this edition of the Weekly!

Linux kernel bug could be breaking displays

Some Linux users have reported seeing white flashes on their Intel laptop displays after upgrading to Linux kernel version 5.19.12, leading to warnings that the bug may damage displays.

Syrjä, Intel Linux kernel engineer, recommended immediate reversion of the Linux Kernel to an older version to avoid causing hardware damage, “no one using laptops with Intel GPUs run 5.19.2”. When you boot your system you should see a few kernel options on grub. If you don’t see the option on Grub, press and hold the “Shift” button on your keyboard while booting. There has been a release since giving users a newer version to jump to.

Valve Accidentally Shows Off Nintendo Emulation on Steam Deck

In a recent Steam Deck trailer, that has since been set as private, featured Yuzu as one of the recently played games. Yuzu is an open-source emulator for Nintendo Switch titles. This was taken down assumingly to avoid negative attention from Nintendo. Regardless, this is a tip of the hat to some of the non-advertised features of the steam deck as it is an emulation beast for all types of retro and some modern consoles.

Image: Valve

Additionally, in other Steam Deck news that whole waiting around and reservation thing is just about over. You can now go directly to their website and order yourself one with no waiting periods.

GNOME Extension Manager keeps getting better!

The GNOME Extension Manager is an application that not only allows you to enable/disable and manage extensions, but there is also a browse tab that eliminates the need to pull extensions from the web. The UI now features a fully adaptive mobile-friendly user interface and overall improvements.


A nice addition to the application is the built-in upgrade assistant that you can use to check to see if your installed extensions are compatible with different versions of GNOME prior to upgrade.

Join me as we dive through the weeds and overview some of the common and not so common topics in the Linux world.

Sneak Peak of Xbox Streaming Device

An Xbox Streaming device is something that was first announced well over a year ago and has later received the name Project Keystone. In a recent Tweet Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, published a photo of a device on Twitter, of what is believed to be (not confirmed) the next Xbox streaming device. You can see a small white box resembling the look of the Xbox Series S sitting on top of his shelf. This could be a very accessible way to access the Xbox Cloud Gaming service and other streaming platforms.

The official Xbox account replied to the tweet by saying, “Now what did we say about putting old prototypes on your shelf boss”.

iPhone 14 Calls Cops on Roller Coaster Riders

Image: Apple

Some people who were trying to have some fun had to deal with the police after their iPhones called emergency services for a suspected car crash. The iPhone’s car crash detection system works by processing a multitude of data including how fast the phone is moving, if the phone suddenly stops moving, and if there’s any loud noises. So, with this detection it makes sense that it would false alarm in certain situations. This is definitely something you’d want to keep note of if you’re headed out to enjoy getting thrown around in a metal cart 50 feet above ground level.

GitHub Repository of the Week!

Volumio is a headless audiophile music player, designed to play music with the highest possible fidelity. Volumio runs on most embedded devices (Raspberry Pi, UDOO, Odroid, Cubieboard, Beaglebone, Pine64, Allo Sparky…) and on any ordinary PC (x86).

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