Guide: Setting Up Windows as a NAS Operating System

Recently, I was asked a surprising question: Can you use Windows as a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) operating system? Initially, I reacted with shock and horror, but upon further thought, I realized it’s a valid query worth exploring. Yes, you can use Windows for this purpose, and I’ll guide you through the process. Introduction While there … Read more

7 Docker Basics for Beginners

If you’ve been following recent videos on TechHut, you probably know we’re big Docker fans. Whether it’s media servers, analytic tools, web services, or download clients, most applications demoed on the channel are running in Docker containers. In this post, we’ll go over the why, the how, and some of the basics you need to … Read more

The ULTIMATE RetroPie Setup Guide

Nothing is better than sitting back and playing some of your favorite games when you were a kid, or even better, showing the next generation some awesome games we grew up with. In this guide, we will set up our RetroPie console using the Raspberry Pi 4. Depending on the Pi you have, you may … Read more