Guide: Setting Up Windows as a NAS Operating System

Recently, I was asked a surprising question: Can you use Windows as a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) operating system? Initially, I reacted with shock and horror, but upon further thought, I realized it’s a valid query worth exploring. Yes, you can use Windows for this purpose, and I’ll guide you through the process. Introduction While there … Read more

ChatGPT in YOUR Terminal

AI and ChatGPT is possible in your Windows, macOS, and Linux terminal! In this article, we cover a small utility called tgpt that will allow you to run AI prompts in your terminal without the need for API keys. From its GitHub page, the application is described as “a cross-platform CLI (command-line) tool that lets … Read more

How to make an Apache Webserver with SSL

Creating a basic Apache web server is often the first step in your web development journey. Apache is the base requirement for many web applications and products. Better yet, you can use an Apache web server to host your self-made or generated static websites with something like HUGO. In this video, we will be using … Read more

The ULTIMATE RetroPie Setup Guide

Nothing is better than sitting back and playing some of your favorite games when you were a kid, or even better, showing the next generation some awesome games we grew up with. In this guide, we will set up our RetroPie console using the Raspberry Pi 4. Depending on the Pi you have, you may … Read more